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Communicability Geometry Captures Traffic Flows in Cities
M Akbarzadeh, E Estrada
Nature Human Behaviour, 2018
Detecting Critical Links of Urban Networks Using Cluster Detection Methods
M Akbarzadeh, S F Salehi Reihani, K A Samani
Physica A, 2018
A Framework for Short-term Traffic Flow Forecasting Using the ‎Combination of Wavelet Transformation and Artificial Neural ‎Networks
S O Mousavizadeh, M Akbarzadeh
Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, In Press
Tuned Communicability Metrics in Networks: The Case of Alternative Routes for Urban Traffic
G Silver, M Akbarzadeh, E Estrada
Chaos Solitons and Fractals, 2018 
Routing Bike Lanes Using Trip Data and Network Clusters
M Akbarzadeh, S S Mohri, E Yazdian
Applied Network Science, 2018, 3:12
Development of a Methodology to Identify Crucial Emergency Stations for Quick Relief Response to the Damaged Urban Areas Following an Earthquake (Case Study: Isfahan City Center)
S A Almasi, M M Khabiri, M Fallah Tafti M, M Akbarzadeh
Health in Emergencies and Disasters Quarterly, 2018; 3(3): 131-142
Three Phase Classification of an Uninterrupted Traffic Flow: A k-Means Clustering Study
R Kouhi, F Shahbazi, M Akbarzadeh
Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics, 2018
Where to Look for Power Laws in Urban Road Networks?
M Akbarzadeh, S Memar Montazerin, S Soleimani
Applied Network Science, 2018, 3:4
An Incomplete Hub Location Model for Designing Van-Taxi Networks
SS Mohri, M Akbarzadeh
Transportation Research Record, 2018
The role of travel demand and network centrality on the connectivity and resilience of an urban street system
M Akbarzadeh, S Memamrmontazerin, S Derrible, SF Salehi Reihani 
Transportation,  2017

A Framework for Measuring the Spatial Equity in the Distribution of Public Transportation Benefits

SAH Mortazavi, M Akbarzadeh  
Journal of Public Transportation 20 (1), 2017, 44 - 62

Effects of Trip Purpose on Transit Fare Elasticiy, Case Study of Isfahan

M Bandegani, M Akbarzadeh
International Journal of Transportation Engineereing 4 (1), 2016, 1-8

Evaluation of Horizontal Equity under a Distance-Based Transit Fare Structure

M Bandegani, M Akbarzadeh
Journal of Public Transportation 19 (3), 2016, 10

Effects of Multi-Directionality on Pedestrian Flow Characteristics

Z Elahi, M Akbarzadeh
International Journal of Transportation Engineereing 3 (3), 2015, 181-188

Time-Dependent Route Choice in Hurricane Evacuation

M Akbarzadeh, CG Wilmot
Natural Hazards Review 16 (2), 2014, 04014021
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